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1.  No name calling or fighting.  Remember that behind each of these nicknames, there is a flesh and blood person - lets not inflict emotional harm on anyone.

2.  Private Messaging - Dont ask in open chat if it is ok.  Double click on the persons name on the right side of the chat room.  Ask the person if they would like to talk privately with you.  If they say no - say OK and click off.  Any abuses of this policy is reason for banishment.  It is ok to PM with your friends but if you do, continue to participate in the open chat.

3.  Politics and religion:  These two subjects seems to cause conflict so please don't discuss these subjects.  We have bible study on Wednesday evenings in Frisky's, hosted by Patti -

4.  Profanity: - We, in Frisky Seniors will not tolerate obscene language or profanity.


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These are free programs that I regularly use.  If you have an interesting link - share it with me and the other chatters on Frisky's

Walrus Egg Co - This link is to the website of a chatter that makes unique corn cob back scratchers. 

Free Office Suite - Similar to Microsoft Word except it is free - It has a word processor, spreadsheet, data base etc.  You can even view .pps files (slideshow) with open office suite.

Gimp - Free Graphics Program.  This is a very sophisticated Graphics Program and the best part it is completely free. - Free Email account with 30 Gigs of Storage.

Thunderbird - Free Email program similar to Outlook except it is free.