Macaroni Fruit Salad

1 C. acini de pepe pasta
1 can crushed pineapple - reserve liquid
1 can mandarin oranges
1 small container cool whip
Cook pasta, drain.

Cook pineapple liquid with 2 T. sugar, 2 T. flour mixed,
until thickened.
Pour over pasta, cover and let stand overnight in refrigerator.
Next day, add pineapple, cut up oranges, and mix well. Blend in cool whip.
Can use for salad or with dessert. 

Macaroni Salad   My Way

2 C. macaroni, cooked
4-6 eggs hard boiled and chopped up
Onion to taste, chopped up
1/2 to 1 cucumber, chopped up
1 stalk celery chopped up
2 to 3 radishes chopped up
1 green pepper chopped up

Bacon bits or 1 can tuna fish, drained, if desired,
Or 1 can baby shrimp, I sometimes add pickle relish, a spponful or two
Mayonaisse or salad dressing as preferred, a bit of creamy garlic dressing
Mix all together and chill. 

Sort of Taco Salad

Cut a medium tomato in small pieces
1 or 2 radishes chopped up fine
1 or 2 stalks celery chopped up small
1 onion, chopped fine
Salt & Pepper to taste
1/2 can drained, washed kidney beans or pinto beans
!/2 # hamburg browned and drained
Cheese, cubed or shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 head lettuce, cut up small
2 to 3 T. medium salsa

Mix all together. Use a dressing of your choice. I use garlic caesar dressing.
Add green pepper or any vegetables you like, chopped up.
Use as a salad or main lunch meal.
Serve with corn chips or tortilla chips. 

Salsa Recipe
From a friend

4 1/2     pounds tomatoes, stemmed and diced (Roma tomatoes are best)
2          cans green chilies, chopped
2          medium red peppers, seeded and chopped
2- 51/2  ounce cans of tomato paste
1/2        cup brown sugar
2           teaspoons cayenne pepper
2           large Spanish onions, chopped
6           whole Jalapeno peppers, chopped   (seeded )
1 1/2      cups white vinegar
2           tablespoons coarse pickling salt
4           whole garlic cloves,   minced

1.  Combine all ingredients in a large pot.
2.  Boil uncovered over medium heat, stirring occasionally.
3.  Boil gentle for approximately 60 minutes, or until desired
4.  Fill jars to withing 1/2 inch from top.
5.  Place lids on tight.
6   Process in boiling water bath  10 to 15 minutes.

Makes about 4  1/2 quarts

NOTE:            If you leave the seeds in the Jalapeno peppers, the
salsa will become hot.    and I don't always process in the boiling bath, because it is eaten fairly quickly.

Do enjoy the salsa,  it is great with chips,  but you can also add it to meat mixtures to spice it up. 

Stuffed Peppers   My Way

4 large green peppers, cut in half
2 cans tomatoes, stewed with chilis and diced Italian kind
1 # hamburg
1/2 C. rice, either minute rice or regular
Onion, chopped fine
2 eggs

Mix hamburg with rice, eggs, seasonings and onions and stuff each pepper half with it
Put in baking dish, add tomatoes and seasonings to it and cover with foil.
Bake for 40- 60 minutes in 400º oven.
Hope this tastes good to you, this is what I did.
I also make a  basic spaghetti sauce with tomatoes and 1 can tomato paste, heated and blended good and put over the peppers.
I found just using the tomatoes was just as good and easier. 

Here is the recipe for the Jambalaya I had in New Orleans.

1 # sausage, your choice of kind
2 # boneless chicken, cut up
2 C. celery
2 C. bell peppers (chopped)
3 C. onion (chopped)
2 cans tomato paste
chicken stock
granulated garlic
green onions
black pepper
4 C. cooked rice

Brown sausage and chicken in a little olive oil. Add celery, bell peppers, add onions, saute until tender. Add spices and chicken stock. Cook for 5 minutes, then add tomato paste. Slowly add green onions and parsley. Add cooked rice until all liquid is absorbed.
This was delicious, chef Faroldi said could use Polish sausage or Italian or any kind you prefer.
I made this when I returned home and it is delicious. 

Salmon or Tuna Loaf

2C.(1 Large can) salmon or 12 oz. tuna.
1 1/2 C. bread crumbs
1 can diced tomatoes
1 egg, beaten
2 T. salad oil or shortening, melted
1 T minced onion
!/4 t. savory seasoning ( optional)
Shake in seasoned salt
Combine all ingredients, pack in loaf pan, bake at 350 about 45 minutes.
6 servings 

Rice Pudding

From Lil's Alder Creek Diner  Rt. 12 south to Utica, NY.

1 Qt. milk
1/2 C. uncooked long grain rice
4 eggs
1/2 C. Raisins
1/2 C. sugar
1 tsp. Vanilla

Place milk and rice in heavymedium saucepan and boli over low heat
until rice is tender.
Combine the eggs, raisins, sugar and vanilla, add this to rice mixture.
It will be thin; continue cooking until it thickens, stirring often.
Pour i to dessert dished and sprinkle with cinnamon or nutmeg.
Serves 6-8

Old Fashioned Bread Pudding

2 C. milk
4 C. coarse breadcrumbs
1/2 C, butter, melted
1/2 C.  sugar
2 eggs, slightly beaten
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 C. raisins
1 tsp. cinnamon or nutmeg

Combine all ingredients and bake in casserole dish at 350º F. for 1
6 Servings

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Cookies, Cakes and Pies,  Breads, Vegetables,  Desserts
Candy,  Beef Dishes, Pork Dishes, Salads,  Specialty Dishes, Fish,
Venison and Wild Meats.

Pigs and Blankets ( Cabbage Rolls) My Way

1 large head cabbage, put in boiling water and peel

leaves off carefully as far as you can go
Mix 2# hamburg, onion soup mix ( 1 pkg.), 2 eggs,

bread crumbs, salt and pepper, basil and oregano,

garlic Powder, 1 T. each.
Put a handful on a cabbage leaf and roll it up,

fasten with toothpick unntil all is used.
Place in a large pot or a baking pan and cover with

2 cans tomatoes, any kind, crushed are best
2 cans tomato paste, small ones or 1 large one
seasonings and 2 small tomato paste cans of water

or 1 large can
Cook till all is blended and hot.
Cook in pot on medium heat, careful not to stick or

bake in pan for an hour to 2 hours till rolls are

tender and done.
I make very tiny rolls from smaller leaves.
If any meat mixture is left, form small meatballs

and add to pot or baking pan.
These are very good and filling.
I have also made these with collard greens and they
were very good..


Sausage Tomato Soup

1/2# Italian Sausage, mild or hot
Small onion, cut up
1 small green pepper, cut up
1 28oz. can diced tomatoes, undrained or 2 cans tomatoes with chilies
1 8 0z. can tomato sauce
1 t. basil
1/2 t. oregano
1/2 to 3/4 C. shredded mozzarella cheese

Cook sausage, onion and peppers until meat is no longer pink.Stir in all other ingredients except cheese. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, simmer 10 minutes.
Sprinkle with cheese.
Serves 6

Broccoli and Cauliflower Soup

Cook cut up veggies and seasonings in water till tender and break up in pieces.
I use about 2 C. veggiesmixed together.
Add 1/2 C. chopped celery and onions, I use dried minced onion, parsley flakes and seasoned salt and pepper.
I added 1 can cream of chicken soup to the micture with what water was left and also 1 soup can milk.
Add 3/4 C. shredded cheddar cheese to soup and cook till thickened. over low heat.

Turkey Soup   My Way

Left over turkey

6 - 8 C. water
1 pkg. onion soup mix
seasonings and spices as desired
Cook for a while, then add carrots, celery, & potatoes , if wanted, simmer for 30 minutes or until vegetables are tender.
Put 1 C. noodles in during last 10 minutes..
Can be done in crockpot several hours on 2 to start then 1 to finish and keep hot.
Can use chicken, canned beef, pork also.

`Chili   My Way

2 cans tomatoes
2 cans kidney beans or chili beans
1 # hamburg browned add 1 pkg onion soup mix and stir together.
Add rest of ingredients and cook until thickened, about 1 hour.
Also can be done in crockpot cook several hours, stir once in a while, till thick.
If more than for 6 people add more tomatoes and beans.

Spaghetti Sauce    My Way

2 cans tomatoes, crushed, Italian or in sauce
2 cans tomato paste, 2 cans water
bay leaf
garlic powder, seasoned salt and pepper
1 T.sugar.
Make meatballs from 2 # hamburg, seasonings ( basil, oregano garlic and salt), seasoned bread crumbs, 2 eggs, mix well and form balls brown in fry pan or cook 4-6 minutes in microwave.
Add to sauce, I also add 1 can  mushrooms and 1 green pepper cut up to the sauce.
I add sliced pepperoni and/or hot sausage also.
Cook together several hours.
Serve over 1/2 tp 1 pkg. spaghetti,cooked or your choice of pasta.
Sprinkle with grated cheese and serve
Makes a large amount.

Spanish Rice    My Way

Brown 1# hamburg, 1 chopped onion, 1 chopped green pepper, add 2 large cans tomatoes, any kind.
Cook till hot and meat is done and add 1 C.raw rice,
cook on top of stove till rice is all cooked.
Or Bake in oven 3/4 to 1 hour at 350º F.
Add seasoned salt and pepper as desired.

My Seasoned Salt

1T summer savory, optional
11/2 C. low salt
1/4 C. paprika
3 T. garlic Powder
2 T. dry mustard
2 T. onion powder
1 1/2 T. marjoram
1 T. parsley flakes
1T. Celery seed
1T thyme
1T. curry powder
1 T. basil and oregano
1T. cumin
Combine all ingredients in air tight container, shake to blend thoroughly.
Makes 1 pint and keeps well. 

Jan Apple Brownies

A moist apple cake with nuts .

1 C. shortening & 1/2 C. water
2 C. apples, peeled, cut up
2 C flour
1 3/4 C. sugar
2 eggs
1 t. cinnamon
1 t. baking powder,
1 t. vanilla
1/2 to 1 C. nutmeats

Mix all ingredients well and put in a 13x9 in baking dish. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.
Very good and very easy

Number Of Servings:16 to 20

Preparation Time:About 10 minutes

King-sized Gingersnaps
(Large and single batch recipe)
Large Batch:
16C. flour                                                            5 C. oil or 6 C. shortening
4 tsp. salt (optional)                                             10 C. sugar
8 tsp. cloves                                                         8 eggs
8 tsp ginger                                                         2 !/2 C. molasses
8 tsp. cinnamon
8 tsp. baking soda

Single Batch:
4 C. flour
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. each cloves, cinnamon, ginger
2 Tbsp. baking soda
11/2 C. shortening or 1 1/4 C. oil
2 1/2 C. sugar
2 eggs
2/3 C. molasses

Cream shortening or oil and sugar together. Add eggs and beat well. Add dry ingredients and mix well. Shape into balls and roll in granulated sugar.
Bake on ungreased baking sheets8 to 10 minutes.
Let stand on cookie sheet a minute before removing.
Single recipe makes about 3 dozen cookies. Bake at 350º.
I spray my hands as well as baking sheets with Pam, even tho' it says not to. Handling the balls makes it stick to your hands and the Pam helps it not to.

Salmon or Tuna Loaf

2C.(1 Large can) salmon or 12 oz. tuna.
1 1/2 C. bread crumbs
1 can diced tomatoes
1 egg, beaten
2 T. salad oil or shortening, melted
1 T minced onion
!/4 t. savory seasoning ( optional)
Shake in seasoned salt
Combine all ingredients, pack in loaf pan, bake at 350 about 45 minutes.
6 servings

My Trifle

Jelly roll, cut up in squares
Layer in a bowl, so you can see the layers.
Add jello over the cakes. Red or green for season.
Let set in frig until jello is set.
Add either vanilla or pistachio instant pudding over the jello, next add fruit, any you like, bananas, strawberries, fruit cocktail or your choice.
Add nutmeats.
Add cool whip.
Sprinkle with Christmasy color sprinkles or shaved chocolate, or maraschino cherries.
Or layer pudding and fruit the way you want.
Makes a delicious dessert and very pretty for holidays.
I have a trifle bowl, a clear glass footed bowl I use especially for this.

Let set in frig until ready to serve.

Easy Fruit Cake

1 C. raisins
2 C. water
1 t. cinnamon
1 t. allspice
1 T. baking soda
3/4 C shortening or salad oil
1 egg
1 C. sugar
1 container mixed fruit
1 C. nutmeats
2 C. flour
1 T. vanilla
1/2 t. salt ( I omit this)
Boil raisins and water till 1 C. liquid remains, set aside to cool. Add next 3 ingredients to the raisins, mix melted shortening or oil and rest of ingredients together. Mix all together well, put in loaf pans. sprayed with Pam or whatever you use, bake at 350 for 1 hour. Makes about 3 loaves, depends on size of pans.
I use small loaf pans and get more and I usually use salad oil but tried shortening and it worked ok.
Also takes less time to bake. Oh put red and green cherry halves on top half way through baking for looks.
Also can put  some ground nutmeats and fruit mixture in bottom of pans for added taste.
Dribble with rum if desired.  I don't.